Queer Battle Fatigue

Editors’ Bios

Boni Wozolek is currently serving as the Director Inclusive Excellence at Penn State University, Abington College, where she is also an Associate Professor of Education.

David Lee Carlson is Full Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University.


Queer Battle Fatigue is one way to express the everyday exhaustion that LGBTQIA+ people and communities often feel as a result of anti-queer sociopolitical norms and values. In this volume, contributors think about how queer battle fatigue impacts peoples’ ways of being, knowing, and doing. Chapters in this volume describe how such violence flows across early childhood experiences, universities, and community spaces. Contributors describe how people and communities resist and refuse anti-queer values, carving out pathways to live, love, and have joy despite everyday oppressions. From calling on Black queer ancestors, to using STEM education as a safe space, to artistic representations of identities, the chapters in Queer Battle Fatigue ask readers to consider how to disrupt and deconstruct anti-queer norms while also engaging in the many beautiful forms of queer joy as an act of resistance.

Table of Contents

1. Anti-Queerness as Educational Norms: Tracing the Contours of Queer Battle Fatigue

Boni Wozolek and David Lee Carlson

2. Trans Faculty & Queer Battle Fatigue: Poetic (Re)Presentations of Navigating Identity Politics in the Academy

Sean Robinson

3. Embracing Queer Heartache: Lessons from LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogues

Karen Morris, Adam J. Greteman and Nic M. Weststrate

4. Queer Black Joy in the Face of Racial and Queer Battle Fatigue

Reagan P. Mitchell

5. STEM as a Cover: Towards a Framework for Queer Emotions, Battle Fatigue, and STEM Identity

Mario I. Suárez, Andrea M. Hawkman, Colby Tofel-Grehl, Beth L. MacDonald, Kristin Searle, David F. Feldon, Taryn Sommers and Evelynn Foley-Hernandez

6. Curricula of Oppressions: Queering Elementary School Norms and Values

Boni Wozolek and Samantha Antell

7. Embodied failure: Resisting gender and sexuality erasures in K-12 schools

Darla Linville

8. Illegible and Illiterate in Honduras: Research in a Transnational Setting as a Queer from the Global North

Kate E. Kedley

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